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Hetalia Answers
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America in Estonia's movie credits

This guy deserves an oscar

It has over 10 million views…

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Headcanon: Sweden’s actually pretty funny in a tremendously dorky way, but will only whisper his dumb jokes to Finland. Finland, having an equally dorky sense of humour finds Sweden’s comments hilarious and can’t help but laugh at them. Cue Finland pissing himself laughing in the middle of meetings and stuff and nobody believing him when he says it’s because of something Sweden said, all while Sweden sits there expressionless but feeling smug as hell because F’CK YEA GOT FIN TA LAUGH.

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i’m never going to be able to get over this picture

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Russia’s not a bad guy and he really just wants to make friends, sure, but it doesn’t change the fact that he uses real human arms at Halloween.

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Prussia’s milkshakes brings all the boys to the yard.

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[west side story’s ‘i feel pretty’ playing in the background]

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He’s like one of those cats you try to shame but they look so smug and proud and will do it again while you’re watching.